Friday, May 8

Quilty Quilter Head

Been a while, eh?
I can say eh because my husband is part Canadian.
I finished Zeke's first quilt. For those in the know, Zeke is the baby girl we're expecting in August. Yes, we call her Zeke.
We have NO. OTHER. NAMES. (Suggestions are welcome)
Jack wants to name her Serenity after a girl who moved from his class. But I don't think 'Serenity' is a word that often fits in our household.
Fun? Oh, yes. Loud? Definitely. Serene? Not so much. Too much laundry and Legos.

I sent my mom, Lesa an email about my quilt:

Behold, I
the binding on Zeke's first quilt.
And did not die.
But my hand is a little crampy.
Carpal tunnel, anyone?

It was machine quilted.
In straight lines.
But we can't have it all, can we.

Pictures will be forthcoming.
As soon as it is done drying.
And as long as it
Isn't ruined.

That is as close to poetry as I will ever get. No, I don't usually refer to her as "Mother." It's usually "Yo, Mama" or "Hey, lady." And yes, I slept rather poorly last night, why do you ask?

There will be pictures of the quilt and the fraternal twin of this pillow on the next post, I promise!

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