Monday, April 20

First package

FINALLY. Sent the first package.
This is for my friend, Leah. She has three cute little girls. I do not have little girls. Although I will someday. Just one. Therefore, we will pretend I know what is cute for little girls. Come, pretend with me, will you?
First up? Crayon rolls for her two oldest.
I used both fabrics on each, so the one with the stripes outside has the farm print inside, and vice versa.
They even include crayons! I'm full-service, y'all.
Next up, for her sweet little one (whom I wisely assumed should not have access to crayons), a rags n' tags.
Girls like pink and butterflies, right?
And polka-dot ribbon? How does that go over with little girls?
So there you have it. Colorful stuff for Leah's girls. And I'll be including a jar of my homemade apple butter as well. Mmm, apple butter. Because I got a little excited about the whole "sewing for little girls" thing and need to make sure I include something for the person who actually won the giveaway. Sheesh.

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