Thursday, March 22

Pencil Lines #24 - So Sweet

When I looked at the Pencil Lines sketch this week, my first thought was, "flowers?" I have two sons. Thirteen nephews. Flowers aren't usually part of my scrapbooking. Ever.Then I remembered this picture. Jack LOVED the petting zoo at Gardner Village. and luckily the animals were patient, because Jack wanted to give them all hugs. This goat was especially sweet. Jack turned it's head a couple times, very gently, to see its eyes, and then gave him a sweet little hug.
He wanted to see the animals' faces and give them all hugs.
And he informed me he loved all the animals. Except maybe the pigs. He pet one pig and that was enough. Only Mommy loved the pigs.


suebaru said...

Gorgeous layout,that photo is adorable.Thanks for joining in!

Paula said...

Very clever use of the flowers on a cute boy layout!
Love the photos.