Tuesday, March 27

Oh, boy

New Rags & Tags blankets! I love making these. I made two - one for a friend, one for Etsy. I really need to figure out how to photograph these better! Any tips?


Jana said...

I just discovered your other blog and I love it! We need to scrapbook together sometime. Or maybe just get together and talk about scrapbooking. Or, if we're feeling really crazy, just get together and talk. There's a novel idea. Talking...and seeing each other face to face while we do it. Wow! Something we haven't done since Jack was about one when we ran into each other at Target in Orem. Ahhh....those were the days.

When we do get around to it, I can show you my rag quilt. I made it a few years back...Grandma and I spent a Christmas break making them. It's my favorite.

MUD QUEEN said...

Jen I love it! THANK YOU SO much!

Siegel Family said...

Love it. I think you should post pics of me modeling them. Well maybe Sarah. She's cuter.