Friday, March 30

Story of a skirt

I've been sewing a lot. I've made several Rags 'n Tags blankets. A shirt. Thought to myself, it's getting warmer and I've noticed a lot of people making their 'spring skirts' - why not try one myself?I sewed the shirt to practice, to make sure I remember how to sew clothing. Always nice to have a refresher course. I used some scrap fabric, not thinking I'd actually wear the shirt, but my husband said, "That's nice. I'd be seen in public with you if you were wearing that." It's all about the compliments, folks.
I am notoriously bad at following sewing directions, and the sizing always screws me up (skirt I made for my sister's wedding? Had to take it in 4 inches). But it's better to make it too big and have to take it in than make it too small and have to ... what, magically undo the cutting?
I thought I was safe going 1-2 sizes bigger than the jeans I wear. But I should have known better ...It's cute. The pleats turned out great. The whole skirt turned out great. I can get it on. I can zip it up. It just doesn't have that little bit more room that I like. I guess I'll have to lose a bit of weight to have it fit comfortably. I'm just annoyed because I bought the fabric just for this skirt.
Don't worry. I wouldn't wear the skirt with the green shirt. Ouch, that would be busy.

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