Monday, April 9

Because we wear pants around here

More sewing! I've been hanging on to this fabric for a very long time - cute little beetles in circles that say "don't bug me" around the edges. Very appropriate for little boys. So I made four pairs of pajama bottoms for Jack and his three younger cousins, Carter, Owen and Waylon. Four pairs. Because it's just as easy to make four as it is to make one, right?
They were pretty simple - I used a pattern for elastic waistband sweatpants that was sized for kids about 18-36 months old (Butterick 6030). I added a couple inches in length for Jack and Waylon. I used a cotton instead of sweat pant material and didn't put elastic at the ankles. The hardest part was getting the little boys to hold still long enough to check length and measure their waists - on Easter, when they were hyped up on candy, no less. I'm brilliant.
As Jack is demonstrating, these pants are very good for standing and jumping. I just hope they're good for sleeping, too.

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