Wednesday, March 14

Pencil Lines #23

Gotta love Pencil Lines sketches - they give you so many ideas! Here's my latest:
Never thought I'd ever scrapbook a page with a picture of a Furby on it, but there you go. I'm having scanner issues - it doesn't do very well when there's thick embellishments. It makes the color look funny. Any tips?

We're looking for a new house right now - possibly making an offer this week on a house with a great craft space. I'm excited to set up the room how I want. I'm only disappointed with one thing: the room has nice maroon carpet, so I'm going to have to wait a while before I get my orange craft room. I want laminate flooring (great for office chairs with casters) and a nice, non-nauseating orange on the walls. Torchlight 6374 from Sherwin Williams is about the color I want. I'd have to see it in person to be sure.
I'm just excited to start making the space work for me. Someday.


domestic goddess said...

this is fantastic, love your take on this weeks sketch :)

suebaru said...

Wow! love your version of the skecth , thanks for linking!