Friday, March 2

Finally done ...

... with Halloween 2005! It has taken literally months to get through my layouts for ONE SINGLE HOLIDAY! But I'm okay now. The page is done and I like it. I didn't do very much journaling. Really, how much can you say about my brother-in-law's handlebar mustache? Or the fake tattoo on the back of my husband's head? Or the fact that both my parents' sons-in-law went as inmates? Or the 'Great Pumpkin' that my parents' neighbor put on their porch that really talked to the kids? (oh yeah: speaker in the pumpkin, man in house by window talking on a microphone - technology is great!) Every time we saw a pumpkin after that, Benson and Jack thought it was going to talk to them. And my sister came as a pregnant woman. With her inmate husband.

Crap. Should have done more journaling. At least the frog and Buzz Lightyear were cute!

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Dani said...

Do some hidden journaling. Or write it on the back. Then you at least have it down.

Love the CTR tat.