Sunday, September 21

What to do after Husband saves your pan

B had to attack the bottom of my pan with a putty knife, metal spoon and lots of steel wool to save it. It was a lot of work that I'm pretty sure he didn't want to have to repeat so I tried to destroy it again by making peach butter!
Wait, I mean I was super careful making more peach butter.
Yes, I bought another box of peaches. Blasted farmer's market (Hi, Farmer John!)
I had two pans going to make four batches of butter. It went very well, but it's not a fast process. You have to make peach pulp first and then cook that with sugar, which takes about an hour per batch. Add in the initial peeling and cutting and the canning times and it takes quite a while!I had a helper for the first batch of butter, but he lost interest after stirring for about 1o minutes (I do like his two fisted method). After that it was all me. Until 1:30 in the morning. It's worth it, though. Benson wants to sell some of the half pint jars to our neighbors, which could be entertaining. He wants to be a neighborhood entrepreneur just like a girl down the road who makes and sells whole wheat bread. It's really good, especially with peach butter!
Haven't exactly figured out the price yet for the half pints, but I might let him take a couple jars around tomorrow.
So, any takers?


Kara said...

ummm will you let him come to pg??? hehe!

Nicole said...

bring some out here Jenn!! It sounds so tasty!

Jana said...

I'm intrigued by this whole peach butter thing....sign me up for a jar.

jacquie said...

my grandma used to make this. looks sooooo good!