Monday, September 15

Millions of peaches

When I visited the farm stand to pick up our CSA share last Friday, I was sorely tempted by the peaches.
And ... came home with 22 pounds.
And I had to do something with them that night because Saturday was CRAZY and I didn't think they would last terribly long.
Out came the canning equipment!
I decided to can some quarts and make peach butter, which I kept calling pear butter, because I'm easily confused. And that confused my husband and then annoyed him.
Very annoying.
We did six quarts of peaches and two pints and some number of half pints that I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go check on. I say we because B was dragged into helping. Fun for him! He is an awesome kitchen helper, so maybe he should start slacking so I stop asking for his help. And man, can he chop potatoes! Just don't ask him to do onions. It's his only weakness.The peaches and the first batch of peach butter (seriously, I almost typed pear) went fine. Then I put the second batch on the stove and ...
Went to the bathroom.
Should have just crossed my legs because this happened: I don't think the pan is salvageable. The bottom is covered in black, burnt on peaches and sugar. It doesn't look much different from the above picture, taken before I broke out the heavy artillery. I tried scrubbing it with baking soda. Then soaking it in vinegar overnight. And then I attacked it with a Brillo pad. And boiled vinegar in it. B has offered to use his palm sander with really gritty sandpaper to try to save it, and I'm seriously considering it. So if anyone can give me any tips short of attacking it with power tools, let me know.
At least the first batch of peach butter tastes good! And I'm pretty sure I'll try again. As long as I use the restroom first.

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Kara said...

mmmm looks yummy! Feel free to remember your almost cousin anytime you feel like sending some out! :) ummm the top picture looks yummy not the burn't stuff (that looks GROSS!) But my best friend in cleaning is bleach! (its actually an addiction more then friend)!