Monday, September 1

Rainy day people

Did you know I like Gordon Lightfoot? I do. I remember listening to Gord's Gold and Dan Fogelberg with my mom, Lesa. I don't like all their songs, just a couple, but for some reason they remind me of being a kid. Good times.
In other news, we really are rainy day people around here. I wanted to take pictures of the church bag and crayon roll I made Jack, but the weather is like this:

Not terribly conducive to taking photos without the flash.
So I will share other photos I should have posted earlier.
This is our first Brandywine. Jack found it very entertaining. He could not believe how huge it was. We sliced it up and ate it for dinner. Or I should say, we sliced it up and B and I ate it for dinner. We couldn't even finish it all! But it was so delicious. Especially on a salad with blue cheese dressing!
We went on a ward (church) campout on Friday night. I only took two pictures the whole time:
Jack swimming with Boston, a friend from our neighborhood:An odd picture of Benson going down the slide feet first - it kind of looks like he's heading up the slide, doesn't it? And that's Boston's sister, Sydney, in the background. Guess I was taking pictures of their family, too? Who knows. They are awfully cute kids!
And I leave you with a picture we took on our way back from camping. We stopped at a gas station to get drinks and lunch and saw this guy:B was able to oh so subtly take this picture. We were cracking up because it was so awkward for him to get the phone and dial his number. Heaven forbid he should get off the bike!
So, when the weather improves (it's supposed to this afternoon) I'll post more pictures. I forgot to get pictures of the five crayon rolls I made for my sister-in-law. Oh well. I can't remember to do everything.

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