Wednesday, September 24

This is not a photography blog.

(honey bunch currant tomatoes, in various stages of ripeness. I eat these like candy right off the vine)
I got out my film camera while B. was in Canada and took some shots.
I have a Pentax ME Super (mine looks just like the picture) that I usually use with a 35-70mm lens that has a macro setting and it usually has a 58 mm haze filter on it. I also have another shorter lens that I have no clue about (guessing it's the 50/1.7 lens shown on Wiki) and this lens:The top row of orange numbers reads 5 up to 30, infinity sign, ft. and below it in meters, 1.5 through 10. the second ring has numbers 40 through 85. No clue what that means or if that even made sense. I'm sure it didn't. I also have one more thing that says it is an Access7Element Auto Tele Converter 2X.
No, I don't have any idea what I'm talking about. I don't remember things when I use that camera. Things like, changing f-stops (apeture?) and film speed. You know, little things like that. And when I do remember, I just kind of guess. (Little number, big hole, big number, little hole, right?)
(stargazer lily in my front yard)
It's not that I don't want to learn, I just have the attention span of a mayfly. I also really love the little preview screen in the back of digital cameras. LOVE IT. Again, that attention span thing.
(the only praying mantis we've seen in a long while! Haven't seen him since ...)
In spite of all of this, I took a couple decent shots. And I will admit that there was some photoshopping, mainly to get rid of dust specks and lighten them a bit because they scan really dark.
(man, that kid is cute!)

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Dave & Mandi said...

Beautiful shots. Jack really is so stinking cute!!!!