Sunday, April 27

12 days

Do you ever go long stretches of uncraftiness?
I take that back. I have done some crafty things, I'm just not in the mood to post them.
Like the prototype bag I'm working on for my sister (picture red and orange fabric and pockets and, um, stitching).
And the card I made for another sister's birthday (imagine, well, a card. Made of paper. There was a paisley pattern involved).
I guess I'm just a little to involved in playing this to be bothered by cameras and craftiness. Hopefully this inability to crafts and post will pass eventually.
Although I don't know how much I'll accomplish this summer - my son finally learned how to ride his bike (he's 8) and now we're having a hard time keeping him off it. So of course the 4 year old wants to be out riding his little bike to. So I have to be out there too. No more hibernating, I guess.

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Jacquie said...

Enjoy the kids and the bike riding. It's your blog...when you feel like it, you feel like it!