Tuesday, April 15


Haven't been sewing much lately.
I did get my office/craft room cleaned. I don't believe there will be pictures forthcoming because I don't want to deal with the "ok, nice before pictures, but where are the after pictures?" comments when people, THIS IS THE AFTER.
I've been getting the spring cleaning bug lately because of some nice weather we've been having but that went kaput today. Yesterday's high was 75° but today it was 50° and this is what happened outside:That's right, snow. Yesterday we were running around in shorts and flip-flops, today we had to get the winter coats back out of storage (someone was feeling hopeful last week).
At least I have this fine greenery inside. Those little plants in the black box? Seeds we started. We've got four kinds of tomatoes (a seed mix that came with 14 seeds - and not all of them germinated so it will be interesting to see what we get), red corn, marigolds (for the bugs) and gazanias. The other plants are two of my favorite curly ivy, a paperwhite, an african violet and a something. I think it is an aspen tree. I had lavender in that pot outside, but the lavender died. Something else started growing and I decided to water it and see what happened. Aspen happened.
We also have several plants in our dining room by the window that grew too big for the black planter. There are 12 pea plants (because they obviously had no problem sprouting) and some more red corn and some floppy sunflowers. I don't know how those are supposed to get to be 6-8 feet tall when they are falling over at 8 inches tall. Wimps.
The pea shoots are getting very long and tangled. One has broken but I think I'll be okay with 11 plants if that one doesn't survive.
Now if the weather would just start cooperating so I can start planting! I don't know how much longer my seedlings are going to last!

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