Friday, March 7

Beautiful Day

It's very sunny, although still cold. A day not to go outside, but to stay in and look out through the window.
I had some organic blueberries in the fridge that I needed to use. So I needed to make blueberry muffins. NEEDED.I used my favorite recipe from here. I didn't feel like going to the store, so I used powdered buttermilk for the first time and it worked great.We added some orange zest, which made them taste even better, in my opinion.
My messy faced, blurry helper likes to cook, but he didn't like to eat the finished product. Instead he took my camera and snapped a couple pictures:
It's interesting to see things from his perspective. I guess sometimes I forget that he's short and sees the world in a different way.

Oh, and I may have been making muffins to avoid dealing with this:

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Jeanette said...

Hey, I just noticed you are also a pea, and from too (I'm not a stalker really, just suprised to find another person from Utah this way LOL)

And I blogged something quite similar to avoiding dishes, but it was blogging to avoid them, not baking, then my friend dropped in and saw my messy kitchen. How embarassing (How do you spell that anyway?).

Have a great day, I have to go be productive now, but I will drop back in sometime if that's ok.