Monday, March 17


Now, we know I only have boys.
But some people in this world have girls.
And those girls have birthdays.
And they like presents.
So here's a crayon roll:And a bag:For my sister-in-law's niece.
I didn't use all of the two fabrics Cami gave me to make her present. I have just over a fat quarter of each, a cute pink toned floral and a very whimsical butterfly print.
So what else does this girl need?
A doll quilt?
A crown?


Anonymous said...

I just made a crayon roll today too. I am making a whole bunch to use as party favors for my son's birthday party next week. I love the fabric choices on yours, they are just adorable :)

Dani said...

Go with a crown. Crowns are always good to have laying around. Just in case you need to remind your loyal subjects of your position.