Thursday, February 28

Commission! Commission! ... Commission!

For some reason, ever since I decided the quilt I'm working on could be called a commissioned quilt, I've been singing 'commission!' to the tune of "Tradition!" from Fiddler on the Roof. Yeah, that's not going to make me crazy today.My sister-in-law Cami had me help her design a quilt and cut out the pieces. In October, or some other month last fall. Can't remember, but it's been a while.
And the pieces have just sat at her house.
Well, I owed her and her husband some money. And Cami says, "How about you finish my quilt instead of paying us!" And I say, "Okay!" And we decide not to care what her husband thinks (love you, brother!) and behold, a commission is born. Determining the placement of the fabrics was not the most fun I've ever had in my live. I don't think I would ever get to the point where I would say it was perfect (I know this after over an hour of fiddling) so I finally just said it's good and began sewing.I am quite happy with how it looks so far. Fortunately, Cami is not too much of a horrible wench, so she'll only yell at me for a little while if she doesn't like it.
Just kidding. She's not a wench at all.
She does, however, have a really, really funny, sarcastic sense of humor that will be used at my expense if this thing doesn't turn out. Should be fun.
I can't remember what fabric this is, so if you recognize, it let me know. I really love the blues, which is unusual for me because I usually go for the greens and oranges. Now I just have to figure out what else I'm going to do on the front, and then sandwich, quilt and bind it. The backing is a pretty dark brown corduroy, which I think will look very nice but I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about. I'm very glad I've got a walking foot now!


Dani said...

You rock the sewing world. Well at least my sewing world. I am still trying to figure out where all the fuzz balls are coming from when I use my sewing machine. Maybe I should get it cleaned sometime. Maybe.

Jeanette said...

Ok, how I found your blog...ummm

Was reading Sew Mamma Sew
Went to look at the quilts on flickr
saw your quilt
clicked on your blog link
Tada, I'm here LOL

Anyway, scrolling through and I saw the title to this post and started singing COMISSION! (To the tune of Tradition for FOTR)

Then I read the post, and now I am cracking up. Great minds think alike (not that I am claiming to have a great mind you understand, that is just how the saying goes =0P)

Still lovin the quilt!