Sunday, October 14

News and details

I won a giveaway! I've never won anything before and this giveaway was especially cool because I'm supposed to pay it forward to three people.
More info to come ...This is the larger table runner I'm working on. It's about 17" by 54" before binding. There are four of the pieced squares, all surrounded by cream broadcloth and tan corduroy.
I've decided this corduroy is an evil creation, bent on the utter destruction of my sanity. It stretches widthwise and sheds little tiny threads everywhere and makes me question why I ever though sewing was a good thing to try.
Ugh.It's been quilted (yes, by machine - haven't gotten any more patience lately) and the binding is just waiting for me. Since I've already made a similar table runner with the same charm pack and corduroy, I was a bit more prepared for the stretch problem. I don't have a walking foot to try to help with this problem, so I just ironed some heat n bond along the edge and that helped quite a bit.
And now I have to bind it. And that's when I had most of the problems with the first table runner. Guess I'll just have to suck it up and do it. Stay tuned.


Joyful Abode said...

Wow, that is GORGEOUS. Absolutely positively gorgeous. *pets computer screen*

I also wanted to let you know we've been using your place mats every day. We LOVE them.
Sadly though, when we washed them, one of the backs came undone on one side... not sure if I can fix it. :(

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Kristin said...