Saturday, October 6

On the list

  • Finish table runner. This is not the earlier table runner - that one is too small for the intended table (which seats 10). It is now on my table (which seats 6).
  • Christmas scrub tops for my sister, who is a nurse. She is very small (I feel like the intro of Charlie and Lola. "I have this sister Mandi. She is small and very funny." She really is very funny). Um, where was I? Oh yes. My sister is only 5 feet tall and maybe 100 pounds. Basically a size 0. Regular scrubs, even the extra smalls, don't really fit her. So I make her tops. And I think she needs some Christmas ones. (Anyone else run into this problem or know someone who does? The "tiny person who needs scrub tops" problem? Am considering making tops to sell if anyone is interested.)
  • Christmas presents. We give to one of my sisters-in-law and my youngest brother this year. Have no clue what to do.
  • Thank you/Birthday cards for a craft class. A craft class that I won't be at, so I have to make the instructions very clear. Meh.
  • Christmas cards, package for nephew in Iraq. Gotta send this soon! The post office says it will take less than two weeks to get there, but I'm not sure I believe that.
I think that's all. Well, all I can think of right now. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed!

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hoganfe said...

Wow you are busy!

I got tagged to play the "7 things about me game" and I'm tagging you back! Check out my site for the rules! I hope you'll play!