Friday, December 5

A real post, depending on your definition

This is a craft blog?



Well, okay then.
I'll post something crafty.

Here's the purse I finally finished for my sister. I'm not going to tell you how long I've been working on this. I just don't want to talk about it.
I also don't want to talk about how I forgot to put interior pockets in it. And didn't realize it until after I sewed the lining in. It's just too hard to think about.This is the second purse I've completed made from a pattern I developed all by my lonesome using a way too large Target bag as an example. The purse is roomy without being HUGE and has outside pockets. Guess that counts for something. I'm pretty happy with these straps. I put batting in them to try and make them more comfy.
If this is satisfactory (Dani? Whatcha think?), it will be in the mail soon. I just need to get to work on mine!
Hmm, something else crafty.
Oh, yes. Our advent calendar.Paper mache boxes that I Modge-Podged. I am the queen of Modge-Podge now. I did 24, because I wanted to. Actually, I did 24 because I wanted to put their Christmas jammies in the last one and we open those on Christmas Eve, a terribly special tradition that seems to be shared by about half the Christmas-celebrating world.This is #24. It's nice and big and there's glitter and gold paint involved. Could anything be better?
The others are small and there are candies in each one.Some have a little scroll telling the boys to decorate the tree or make brownies to share with friends. It would also be good to put in scriptures or tell them to read a Christmas book, I just didn't do that this time. My sister-in-law made some too. She did the 12 days of Christmas and I believe she needs to post hers on her blog (amazingly subtle hint).
The boys are so excited about Christmas, they've been making things to decorate. This is a cookie and milk Benson made for Santa. They wrote a note to Santa on the back because they are REALLY ready for Christmas Eve! Little J told me I had to take a picture, so I complied.
Because I'm good that way.
And just so you know? Our star tree topper is having problems.And yes, we're aware of it.


Dani said...

Love the bag! Love the advent! Love the cookie! Love the Jack! Love the you! I need a nap!

meegz said...

I love it all too.:)