Monday, October 13

I'm on a roll

Another two-page layout done! It's not terribly exciting but I'm in 'get pages done' mode, which means each one doesn't have to be a work of art (although some of them can be, if I feel so inclined). I don't want them to be ugly, I just don't feel the need to spend all day on a single page.
I have a goal this week: to get two pages done every day (I usually do two pages per "event," so I'd be getting about an event a day done).
We'll see if this actually happens. I have to study ethics and literature at the same time. What exciting subjects. Woohoo.
I've also noticed the lack of journaling on my pages, so I'd better work on that as well.
Jack is stomping around upstairs because I told him if he's going to be home from school because he's sick, he can't run around and play. Apparently my logic is only clear to me, not to five year olds.

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