Wednesday, July 23

New harvest today

We decided to harvest a test ear of corn today, since we're still newbies at this gardening thing and have no idea when to harvest corn. We planted red corn this year, because growing crazy colored vegetables secretly makes me giddy.Anyway, after shucking the first ear (oh, and freaking out because there were earwigs camping out under the first leaf we pulled off - I hate no other bug as much as I hate earwigs. We shucked them outside just in case) and taking a test bite, we picked 5 more. We had 5 for lunch and saved one to give to my dad tonight because of his great appreciation for fresh corn.(This is before it was cooked. The boys can't just hold an ear of corn and smile. Turkeys.)
This corn was DELICIOUS. Nice and sweet and of course the freshest corn we've had in a long time, if ever. It didn't leave that weird plasticky feeling in your mouth after eating it. The only disappointment was that the red coloring faded with cooking. The empty cobs did look pretty cool, however.


Rachel Gillie said...

Your boys are huge! When did everyone grow up? I am so glad you left a comment, because I lost your blog awhile back. I am so stinking (utah terminology so you will think I am tubular) impressed with your beautiful red corn!

Deb said...

Sweet! We're growing purple carrots at our house and Miss M is freaking out about that! If I didn't completely have a come apart every time I saw an earwig, we'd grow some red corn next year!