Tuesday, July 22

Giveaway loot!

Finally - I'm getting around to posting what Mel gets.
I've been cleaning out my office and she benefits! She also benefits from the fact that I can get this to her without having to pay shipping! Yay! All she has to do is let me know when she's going to visit me!

Check this out:A bin o' stuff!
Here's the 'from Peru' item (on a cute metal tin). Baby Alpaca yarn! And Mel, while I liked your guess of a baby donkey,
Peru is known a bit more for their llamas. Just fyi.
We have two plaid notebooks, some blank mini albums,
a circular album and, of course, Martha.Blessed, blessed Martha.
Fabric. A nice, calm pink print (yeah, right)
and a toile that I love but know I will never use. I don't think I would complain
if I were to get something back made out of it (hint-perhaps lining something).Some paper mache containers that I painted, but never used.And yarn!A lot of yarn. I don't really knit/crochet anymore. And do you see that yellow/orange wool yarn? Wouldn't that make a great squid? Huh? Huh?!?
And there's more. That is for her actual birthday, which was on the 18th.
And it's boring to post birthday presents online - you have to open crinkly paper
for them to be true birthday presents.
Why do we have this huge bin? Because.
I am the queen of BIG! PLANS! That will be SO! CUTE!
That I never do.
In addition to this stuff, I have a box and two more big garbage bags of stuff.
And I'm not done yet. The local thrift stores are gonna love me.

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