Thursday, July 31

I have issues

I just got my hair cut. It's cute (my sister-in-law cut it - of course it's cute!).
The color. Not so cute. I've decided it's the color of steel wool. Not the kind with the blue soap stuff in it. The other stuff.
Let's look at it.
Ah, Peru. Here I am painting the face of a schoolgirl in Cachona. Now ignore how cute she is and focus on my hair. The hair that is not that far off in color from my shirt.
I'm going very grey.
And people think I'm older. A couple months ago, a friend's husband said he thought I was 35. I told him I was NOT 35, try again. So he said 33. I think he was being generous - it's a good thing I told him I was younger or else he would have said 39.
Ha. I was 29 at the time.
There is nothing wrong with being 35. I just don't want to look like I'm 35/39.
So. Do I dye my hair? The grey is a lot worse on the sides and is ever so much more noticeable when I have it cut the way I like it (it was pretty long in this picture).
It takes effort. And I'm kind of lazy.
Do I just suck it up and deal with it or do I do something about it?
And yes, I need other people to tell me what to do. On my craft blog. Because my nails are still too cute to use my fingers.
Just answer the pool on the right. Thanks for your vote (and utter honesty. I demand honesty!)


Dani said...

I'm not going to vote, but I will tell you what I think. If the gray is making you feel old or making you uncomfortable, dye it. There is nothing wrong with dying your hair. Is it work to upkeep? Yes. Will it make you feel better? You decide. There, was that helpful? No, alright, well I tried. ;)

Jana said...

I must qualify my "Yes! Please!" vote and say that it's really a "If the grey bugs you that much then, yes, you should color it."

"Yes! Please!" sounds like I'm totally disgusted with the fact that you're going grey. (I'm going grey and can't stand it, so I color mine regularly.)

Ahhh...the joys of getting older.

Lesa said...

First of all, let me apologize profusely for being the person who gave you that gray hair in the first place! I totally understand how depressing it is to walk by a mirror and think, "Oh wow, what is my mom doing over there?!?"

So, you do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel comfortable in your own skin, and if that means coloring your hair, you GO, girl! (I would stay away from the pinks, blues or purples, though! The gray hairs will suck that color up like a straw and you will GLOW in the dark!)

Anyway, I'm so sorry, and I love you no matter what color your hair is!

Your Mother-in-the-Mirror!

meegz said...

i had to go through this a few years ago -- I will say that I don't like paying to get my hair colored. I don't like feeling like i "have" to do it. i don't like taking the time to actually do it -- I do like the finished product.
There's my vote.:) If you do color it -- go jet black!:)