Thursday, January 31

Because I really am doing crafty things. Really, really.

Exhibit A:The largest non-tied quilt I have ever made. Which isn't actually that big. It's a throw.
Um, no, it isn't finished.Have to finish quilting the white border and the center. And bind it.
It's patterned after this one:From Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.
For my grandma and grandpa for their birthdays.
I bought a walking foot and you know what? My top layer is still bunching up. I keep having to make little tucks to try to keep the corners from getting too funky. Hopefully it will look nicer when it is washed.
Perhaps I need to make sure I'm pulling the top as taut as the bottom when I'm basting? Makes sense.
And basting on carpet? Not quite the smartest idea I've ever had.I kept getting pieces of carpet stuck in the thread, which I didn't realize until I was finished. Had to cut some of my carpet. Duh.
I'd better work out the kinks before I get going on this one:For another set of grandparents. In fact, I have five sets of grandparents and they may all be getting quilts this year. Or maybe not. Depends on my sanity.I really want to make this quilt. So yes, my sanity is in question.

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