Wednesday, November 14


I suck at this NaBloPoMo stuff.
Been busy.
Working on a video for my stepmom for Christmas.
Working on a book for my dad for Christmas.
Trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do for my mom, stepdad and in-laws.
Oh, and my husband and sons.
I'm clueless about Christmas this year.
And did I mention Thanksgiving is at my house this year?
I'm really excited! Bought the turkey today because it's a monster and will need a week to thaw.
22.49 pounds. Is it going to taste terrible because it's so large? I really hope not.
I'll just have to make sure there's a lot of desserts!
And to the people who won the giveaway: it's coming! I will hopefully get it mailed out by the end of the week (Dani, I'll probably drop yours off tomorrow!)

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