Monday, October 29

From Japan

I got my package today from Leslie - I was so excited to win her drawing!
Wonderful fabric and cute bagsChocolate, notecards and ribbon(For some reason my son wanted me to take a picture of his hand in that strange position with the chocolate. Um, okay.)I love it all. Especially the fabric. Oh, and the hedgehog ribbon. I wish my camera was good enough to truly show the cuteness of the hedgehogs. The landlady in my old apartment had hedgehogs that I adored, so I really love the ribbon.
So now I need to pay it forward. I'm getting things together, planning the packages ... and dealing with a sore ankle. I tripped over a rug by our laundry room on the way to the bathroom. I can only imagine how hilarious it looked, since I was having stomach problems and crawled into the bathroom, moaning the entire way. And now I have a sprain that is shooting achy pain up my leg into my hip. How delightful.
Back to the giveaway.
If you are willing to 'pay it forward' in some way to three people, check back on Friday for details. I must get Halloween out of the way and then I will be able to devote my attention to the giveaway. Oh, and I need my ankle to feel better so I can stop my obnoxious whining. Because we're all getting a little sick of it.
See you Friday!

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