Saturday, September 15

Wedding album

I going to a wedding shower for my cousin's fiancee today. It's a theme shower, 'it takes a village to raise a bride,' and I am the village photographer.
And since there was no way I was buying them a new camera, I decided to go for things that hold pictures. I bought two frames at Target (which are already wrapped, or I'd show them to you) and made a small album for them to put pictures in later. I am struggling taking pictures with my digital camera. Even on the macro setting, it has a hard time doing closeups. I end up getting things like the nasty wheels to my barbecue in focus while whatever I want in focus is blurry.
Anyway, on to the album.Here's the cover. There's a leather strip with a charm and elastic on the back that goes around it to keep it together (does it look familiar? It's the same album from the giveaway — when I like something I tend to buy several), but I forgot to put it on before I took the photo. The album is a 6x6 accordion album from All My Memories and the patterned paper I used on the pages is from Chatterbox. I have a rather large stash of Chatterbox paper, a lot of it with flowers (um, duh Jenn, when are you going to use floral paper with two boys?!?), so it's nice to get a chance to use some.Anyway, I just put some blank green paper in the front because I don't have a photo of the happy couple. I wrote the cropp sizes on the mats so all she has to do is cut and paste photos on. I'm considering adding a photo album to the gift, but this might be enough. We'll see how ambitious I get today. My youngest is sick and so I might not be making it out of the house — the visit to the shower might end up being a short stop to drop off the gift.

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Katie said...

Hello Fellow Scrapbooker! Just like you, I'm a Cathy Z blog addict, I recently discovered "blogs" in May 2007 (so I'm kinda new at it) but I read Cathy Z's EVERY DAY! I read her recent post about not making a mint. So I think I want to send her a bunch of MINTS and, of course, a scrapbook about mints from the people who love her! I think it would be totally cute if we put together a "photo album scrapbook" (we did this in the 2007 LOM class for Stacy J.) FOR CATHY Z!!! If you are interested, please mail me two 4x6 "pages" for the photo album scrapbook for Cathy Z. My snail mail address is Katie Scott, 4755 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33713; I'm not totally techno (my husband actually refers to me as a technology idiot - but only in the mostly loving way ;) so I can't do the email it to me thing... Just do the regular snail mail please that way I stay with my philosophy of Keeping It Super Simple! One of the pages should be a picture of you with some mints for Cathy Z! And the other can be anything you like, a Cathy Z inspired page or project or whatever you think she would enjoy! Of course, I'll be putting the scrapbook together in a mint colored album and sending it to her along with a sac of mints. Lets try to get this done before Thanksgiving so I can get it out to her before Christmas or whatever December Holiday you like to scrapbook! If you are interested please snail mail me your pages, or if you have questions, then email me at or visit my blog at :) Katie Scott in St. Pete FL