Sunday, September 2

The "I'm so proud" giveaway

This is my 30th post! And I'm so proud, I'm going to do a giveaway! (Because I also did the 20th post on Scrapchallenges and the 100th post on my 'me' blog!)
That's right, a giveaway!
And what will it be?
Various and assorted things! Including this:The apron, not the boy.
Because the boy's a bit cranky about having to model the apron.
Oh look, now he's a pirate.(just fyi, the neck strap is big enough for adults - I had to tie it to fit the boy - and that's a pocket on the side, not some random red gingham. This is handmade, so the quirks are just more to love, right?)
The giveaway will also include other goodies as the mood strikes me. Because we can all use more goodies!
I was inspired by the RVA swap and need to get the giving out of my system. At least until Christmas. Plus, I want stuff I make to actually be used, instead of sitting in my finished projects pile, looking at me with forlorn eyes and a wounded heart. Oh, dear.
Just leave me a comment and I will randomly select a winner (through my powers of random selection, i.e. my children picking a slip of paper with a name on it after I throw them all in the air)!
This is a great way to delurk, by the way. I want to give you stuff, even if I don't know you. I'll take comments until, oh, let's say next Tuesday.
So comment away!


Jana said...

How did I miss that you had this blog too? I love all of the cute things you have on here. I'm totally envious that you actually have time at home to be crafty....must find more time to craft. The apron is adorable and goes especially well with the pirate face.

Kara said...

you know for almost being related I should just automatically win!

Anonymous said...


Dani said...

Owen says "Wook, Beesen, was at? Fwower? Dak, Beesen play?"

Translation: Look its Benson! Whats that? A flower? Jack and Benson need to come play"

And now he says we're all done on the computer. Bye

Joyful Abode said...

Sooo adorable!

fiona said...

how did you get him to put it on?? well done!! nice to meet you!

Kara said...

So if I comment TWICE does that double my chances of winning!

Joyful Abode said...

Hey, if Kara can post twice, can I too?