Monday, January 29

If you're my friend Dani, DON'T LOOK!

I was just so proud of myself for actually sewing (haven't in 6+ months!) that I had to post this, even though it's part of the gift I'm giving my friend for her baby shower. Oh well, surprises are overrated.
It's a hoodie towel, much better than those thin ones you can buy at the store. It's big enough to fit a 3 year old, but will still be great for a newborn. My lovely model, Jack has one of these he got when he was born and we still use it. I will probably make more and post them on Etsy. Have to make a really big one for my 7 year old, Benson (and a matching new one for Jack as well) and then I'll get right on the Etsy ones.

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Siegel Family said...

Um. It's now January of 2008 and I JUST NOW saw this. Guess I was surprised! We use it all the timem - thanks1