Tuesday, October 6

The cleaning saga.

So. My office doesn't look much different than it did in my last post.
But, I have plans.
I have come up with a new schedule for my days. I really need this because I just started school again and need to make sure I've enough time during the day to actually accomplish something. Since I was scheduling school, I decided to schedule cleaning, too. A different area of the house every day will be tackled, in addition to the regular picking up I have to do with three kids. So the plan is to fill a garbage bag every day with stuff to get rid of. I will donate or chuck as much as I can because I truly hate clutter, yet I have the tendency to be a packrat. Usually these two things are in a state of balance, but right now it's a little off.
Oh, and there's a moratorium on purchasing. Unless it's an item I absolutely have to have to finish a gift, no more buying craft supplies. Unless something breaks and I desperately need a replacement, no buying household items (good thing I decided this after the Pampered Chef party!). And I will keep you updated on how it's going (Gee, Jana, are you too busy to get on my case about my progress?)
By the end of next week, I hope to have quite the car load to donate. Savers and DI, here I come!

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janabananagirl said...

Apparently I am. I need someone to get on my case about doing homework. Wanna trade nagging responsibilities? You nag me about homework and I'll nag you about cleaning.