Wednesday, September 2

I made something!

This isn't terribly exciting, but it's something, right?
It's a baby blanket made for a friend. Two pieces of flannel bound with wide quilt binding. I think it's my new favorite way to make nice, thick receiving blankets.I LOVE these fabrics. I didn't want to part with them! The binding is all machine sewn because of time constraints. I don't crochet. Therefore I can't make those cute crocheted edge blankets.
Okay, actually I know how to crochet; I just won't crochet. I don't have enough patience. Kind of like my hand sewing issues.
I'll hopefully get a picture of the one I made for Elsie taken so I can post it. Oh, and her crib set, too.I'm also working on Elsie's birth announcements. Hopefully they will go out before she's 1.


the mama monster said...

cute cute. did you just do the self binding method?

Jennifreckles said...

No - it's quilt binding. I need to try the self binding method!