Monday, June 16

Delurking time!

Is anyone out there? I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I'm going to try to be better. Um, in July. Maybe the second week.
Because I'm going to Peru for a little service mission.
And I want to share the joy!
So leave me a comment, sometime before I return on July 9, and I will give you a prize. Something from my stash (fabric, scrap supplies). AND something from Peru.
But first you have to tell me what kind of crafting you do.
And tell me if you've ever been to South America, specifically Peru and what you did/thought/saw/whatever.
So, delurk!
And someday I will attempt to do crafty things again.
Like the bag I owe my sister.
It will be finished, Dani. Someday in 2008.


Mathgirl said...

Hi! I've been lurking for a few months now, don't know if I've ever commented though. I've never been to Peru but there's a knit blogger Lolly at who's been. If you go through the pull down menu under travel you'll find numerous blog posts in great detail with lots of pictures from her recent trip. I myself knit and have been learning to quilt.

Dani said...

Seriously. Where is my bag? People are starting to stare at my Walmart grocery sack that I've been forced to carry my stuff around in.

Ok, not really. Have an awesome trip. We will miss you. :)

Mel said...

PERU? Awesome. I've never been, but a friend of mine went, and she got a parasite. I wouldn't recommend it.

Wait, I wouldn't recommend the parasite, but I WOULD recommend Peru. And I'm done.

Jacquie said...

I try not to lurk...I'm a quilter primarily, but I love all crafty things. This is very exciting news. Peru would be awesome! Have a fabulous time and be safe!!!

grannyhy said...

Hello, I am a crafter that dabblesin lots of areas. I am learning to knit and I crochet. I like small projectds I can carry around with me. I also search for projects to do with me kids. I have raised four of my own and now have four grand kids and I teach Sunday School and at two camps using crafts alot. We use wood, yarn, fun foam, paint all kinds of paper and found objects and recycling. I hav never been to Peru but my sister went on a medical missionary trips nad brought back some wonderful leather, wood and clothing crafted gifts as well as some wonderful music. Take care and have fun. I love your garden posts too

Kara said...

SERIOUSLY! I thought you got lost! SO let me tell you of the how crafy I am ITs sorta complicated. First I go to Danis blog, then I find what Cards I want and then the hard part comes, I call her and say Here is what I want. Crazy huh!Have fun! Love ya!

Sew Bee It said...

Unlike Jacquie up there, I do tend to lurk:) Sorry! But like here I mostly quilt. And sew kids clothes. And color coloring books (cause the kids certainly couldn't do it without me. Right??). And what ever other random thing I either think sounds cool, or is randomly asked of me by the kids:)

I've never been to SA, been to England though.... So, if you ever go there I'm your girl!

Jana said...

Does it count if I comment before you get around to posting again? Coz I'm a day late (and maybe a dollar short, too) on this one. I am a lurker, but it has been a while since I've even done that. My answers to your questions (in no particular order):

No, I have never been to South America the continent, but I have been to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and southern California. Those are all "south" and in America...

I quilt...or say I quilt and really just collect lots of fabric for cool quilts. Remind me to show you my latest collection. I also make some pretty fabulous cards when I put my mind to it. Hey, maybe you'll have something in your fabric stash that would match. I am still adding to the current collection.