Friday, May 16

This is crafty.

I've made an executive decision: Gardening can count as craftiness.
I've been really interested in growing a garden (this talk and this book helped with the decision) for a while now. I want to know where my food is coming from, and try to make sure it travels the shortest distance possible to get to my table. We've also joined a CSA this year and we're excited to see what we get.
And then, I read this blog post. Kelly, I'm with you.
Here's the result of our hard work:The frame is 4x8 and if I only had the ability to see in the future I would have left more room on the side by the house.
We planted the little side yard with red corn and peas.
I didn't want run of the mill plants (hence the red corn), so I tried to pick out some fun veggies.

We have an eight-ball squash plant:
Several kinds of tomatoes. 9 plants. I started a package of seeds that had 4 varieties in it, so five of the plants will be a surprise. The other four are Brandywine I bought at Valley Nursery (gee, can you tell which ones I started from seed? Hint: the ones that look sickly):Two kinds of red pepper:Two kinds of onions, red and walla walla:Broccoli (not interesting, but we'll see how it turns out):
And then I planted seeds for red romaine lettuce, french breakfast radishes, purple carrots, regular orange carrots, zucchini and banana pepper. If I'm lucky, something will sprout. And I'm a little nervous about the tomatoes, because I'm the only one who really likes them. One person out of four liking a certain vegetable (fruit) doesn't really justify planting 9 of that particular vegetable (fruit) does it?
I have a feeling I'll have some tomatoes to give away in a few months.

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