Tuesday, July 10

Paint under my nails

I made another tote bag! I just love Bend the Rules Sewing!
I really like this style, with one short and one long strap, but I'm still going to tweak the design. I'll probably end up with a dozen of these bags.
I needed artwork for my living room so I enlisted the help of my boys. I bought canvases thatwere 18"x24" and I picked out the paint colors I wanted so the paintings would have a chance of coordinating with each other and my furniture.
I helped them with the design (sketching whatever they told me) and painted with Jack. I outlined each section and he filled them in with paint.
I think they turned out rather well, don't you think? (Benson's is on the left and Jack's is on the right.)

1 comment:

Dani said...

Those are the best paintings ever. I love them. Your boys are very talented. And I'm still waiting for my bag. Just kidding. Kind of. :)