Wednesday, February 21

Apple Tree

I decided to try my hand at a sewn collage. I love sewing, but I go in phases - I'll go months without sewing and then all of a sudden, all I want to do is sew for a couple months. I'm that way with a lot of crafts.
I wanted to give the collage a name and it sort of made me think of my nephew Owen, for some reason. It just looked like a tree a little boy would want to climb and perhaps toss a couple apples down from and Owen seems like the kind of boy for the job.
I wish the picture looked a bit better. I've got a couple more shots up on Etsy, trying to do closeups of the button apples, but my camera just can't quite handle it. I think the next big purchase in my life will be a more advanced digital camera. More options for artsy photos. My current camera is great for carrying around every day - I can just pop it in my purse and go about my business, documenting all the weirdness of life.

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domestic goddess said...

this is so pretty, weel done :)